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Anthony Brooks – Cobbs Creek, VA

On July 8th & 9th, 2014 a two-day jury trial was conducted, The Plaintiff, Anthony Brooks filed suit after he was reported to Child Protection Services for suspected sexual abuse and was suing for $1,000,000 in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages against Mark Moreno and his son Michael.
The following instructions were delivered to the jury on day two of the trial by the Hon. Marc Jacobson, Ret.
First Instruction: The plaintiff contends the defendant Mark Moreno made the following defamatory statements to Christopher Swanenburg on April 28, 2012. During a general telephone conversation stated plaintiff, quote, had taken photos of boys’ crotches, end of quote, and could be resigning. Trial Transcript Day 2

Next instruction: Your verdict must be based on the facts as you find them and on the

law contained in all of these instructions. The plaintiff contends that defendant Mike Moreno made the following defamatory statement to Sherry Hamel on April 28, 2012, quote, you don’t fucking know what’s going on, Ethan came to me at Wednesday’s practice and told me that Coach Brooks had taken inappropriate pictures of him in his compression shorts when the boys were changing into their uniform and called the plaintiff a pedophile and a pervertTrial Transcript Day 2
  • On the first instruction the Jury found in favor of the Plaintiff, Anthony Brooks against Mark Moreno.
  • On the next instruction the Jury found in favor of the Defendant, Mike Moreno.
Essentially, the Jury decision means that they did not believe what Michael Moreno said was false. Michael Moreno never denied making the statement which essentially means that a jury of Brook’s peers believed that Brooks did take inappropriate pictures of a player in his compression shorts. As a matter of fact, the minor signed a sworn affidavit after he turned 18 years old, the affidavit was precluded from the trial by the judge in a pretrial conference.
Mr. Moreno adamantly denied the statement attributed to him by Christopher Swanenburg. Mark Moreno contends that the statement offered by Swanenburg was a finely crafted false statement constructed by Swanenburg and his attorney to instigate a lawsuit. Swanenburg throughout his litigation in Newport News always seemed to have a problem with the truth.
In April 2015, Swanenburg lost his fourth and final lawsuit related to his termination from Christopher Newport University in which he sued his former assistant coach and the parent of one of the players. On June 25, 2015 Judge Timothy S. Fisher, the trial judge who presided over Swanenburg’s nearly four years of litigation wrote “This is about as unfortunate course of litigation as I have had the opportunity to observe and it appears to achieved absolutely nothing.”
The Moreno’s represented themselves, Brooks was represented by D.Hayden Fisher of Richmond, VA. Fisher  who also represented Christopher Swanenburg in multiple lawsuits related to his termination from Christopher Newport University. Swanenburg failed to prevail in any of the (4) suits that he filed and the last case was settled by a jury that found in favor of the defendant.  Hayden Fisher is the same lawyer who filed a writ to have the confessed murderer of a VCU coed released from prison in 2008. The confessed murderer left the body of his victim wrapped in plastic and duct tape near a public beach in Matthews County. According to published reports, Fisher had not been requested or retained by anyone to file the action but conceivably did so to bring media attention to himself.


So now Brooks thinks that he is deserving of a $250,000 award from a jury. The judgement is a small price to pay when one considers the potential devastation that Brooks could have caused as a result of his apparent predatory tendencies. How can a 67 year-old man justify walking around a partially clothed minor with a camera in his hand and say that he was only checking the lighting on a perfectly sunny day?
The jury decision for Brooks against Mark Moreno apparently has more to do with whether he “could” or “would” be resigning considering the fact that the same jury found in favor of Mike Moreno.
So that’s it, Brooks made the players of a high school lacrosse team refer to him as “creepy” and “weird” because more than likely he is a pervert who either did or attempted to take photos of partially clothed minors and a jury of his peers did not believe that to be false. The Moreno’s defended and protected those players despite the personal risks, they did not hide behind lawyers, they did not settle, and they never folded to the threats and tactics of a disreputable publicly reprimanded sleazy attorney.   Brooks, Swanenburg and their despicable lawyer Hayden Fisher apparently fabricated this lawsuit not to clear Brooks’ name but to profit from it. For Hayden Fisher it’s just a way to collect fees, for Swanenburg it’s just a way to fuel his ego by finding a way to get even with anybody that opposes him, and for Brooks it’s just plain perverted stupidity.

Photo by Dr. Travis Lee Wilson

History was made when the York Lacrosse Club High School Boys took the field for the first time yesterday in a scrimmage game with the Monarchs of Menchville. Both teams played exceptionally well for this first outing of the year on a cold and blustery day with stand-out performances to numerous to mention from both teams.  The York team was formed this year and has had about three weeks to practice with a group of student/athletes that consists mostly of players that have never played lacrosse.  Hitting the field with a collection of uniforms that were cobbled together the boys showed that they are going to be competitive in the Hampton Roads Chapter of US Lacrosse.

In a game that had more ground balls than shots, it was really exciting to see how the team pulled together. The York boys scored 5 goals from 4 different players while the Monarchs scored a total of 8. Both teams only scored 1 goal in the second half and actually played the entire third quarter with neither team scoring a goal.  Throughout the game it became very obvious that that the cobwebs were starting to fall off despite a hand-full of shots on goal that looked more like golf shots than lacrosse.  Our players will certainly benefit from the High School Boys Lacrosse Clinic on March 4th. Players from all over are invited and can register by clicking here.

Another significant part of the game was an  increased vigilance by the officials to call penalties for any contact to the helmet by the players.  US Lacrosse has implemented a strong position on concussion prevention which includes training for parents, players, coaches, and officials. Coaches and Officials were required to complete concussion awareness training and parents can click here for a free  “Heads-Up” fact sheet on concussion awareness.

It is very rewarding to see this team come together with the support of Hampton Roads Chapter of US Lacrosse, its’ many sponsors, parents, players and coaches.  To get this team off the ground took a ton of work from Head Coach Anthony Brooks and  Assistant Coach Mike Moreno.  Coach Charlie Turner from  the Williamsburg Warriors has not only provided tons of his time to help coach but has on behalf of the Warriors provided not only financial support but other resources to help the team.

Special thanks to Dr. Travis Lee Wilson of Yorktown Chiropratic who not only provided the photo for this blog but also did taping and chiropractic services for the players as well as making sure that the team had a first aid kit on the sidelines. Having Dr. Travis and his expertise on the sidelines will be a big plus for the team.

York Lacrosse Club is grateful for all of its sponsors/supporters. If you would like to be a contributor to York Lacrosse Club please click here.

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