We are encouraging all players, parents, supporters, and friends of lacrosse to comment.

We are seeking an alternative option for Boys JV and Varsity Teams to be a part of The Hampton Roads Chapter of US Lacrosse. (HRLax)

Being a part of HRLax will enable us to compete with other High School Club Teams from Richmond/Central Virginia as well as Roanoke/Southwest Virginia. HRLax is affiliated with US Lacrosse and the Positive Coaching Alliance.  HRLax is a Nonprofit corporation that prominently displays it’s By-Laws, Officers, and Board of Directors on it’s website.

Currently our only option is to play for the Williamsburg Lacrosse Club, Inc. (WLC) which is a for profit corporation which Mark Hofmeister, Secretary states “WLC, clearly is not for everyone!”  WLC does not display any affiliations on it’s website.

  1. Tim Moon says:

    Interesting disucssion. HRLax has provided a tremendous opportunity for both of my boys to grow in lacrosse. They have also benefitted from select team affilaitions. The important lesson that I have learned is that HRLax provides the foundation for any recreation level or select level team to survive in the area, and that it is important to maintain that foundation as it provides for the health and growth of any program. HRLaxalso showed tremendous insight when they initiaited play at both the recreation and advanced levels. Select, or travel teams are just as important as they provide opporutnities for players to experience lacrosse at higher levels of play and competition. But, in my opinion, they should not place any regional recreation or advanced program (like HRLax) at risk.

    I think I speak for a large majority of Hampton Roads lacrosse families when I say that the vision for lacrosse in Hampton Roads is to eventually have lacrosse, both boys and girls, recognized as a VHSL sport in the Hampton Roads area. Realistically, on the peninsula that will require high schools in the Williamsburg/James County to join with York County High Schools and develop programs that represent their high schools. The beginning of that journey is to start club teams that compete in the high school division of Hampton Roads Lacrosse.

    On the peninsula we currently have thriving boys high school club programs at Grafton, Tabb, Menchville and Poquoson High Schools that compete at the JV and Varsity levels in HRLax. We also have a nucleus of players at York High School where we would like to start a team to compete at the JV level in the spring of 2012 and move to the varsity level in 2013 or 2014. Similar to the Williamsburg High School girls team which is a regional team not tied to a specific school, this team would initialy be a regional team open to both veteran and rookie players from Williamsburg, York County, Gloucester and elsewhere. This would provide an opportunity for those boys to compete at the high school level within the HRLax family, and benefit from the established HRLax infrastructure (Board of Directors, schedules, referees, etc.) and governance. It would remain a regional team, recognizing that any single school could break off into their own team if, and when, they have sufficient numbers of players, coaches and involved parents. This would support recruiting and program expansion, whle providing additional opportunities for current and future high school players.

    If interested in playing with, or supporting, a new regional team for Williamsburg, north York County and Gloucester please send me a note at I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Tim,

      Thank you for your supportive comments. As you probably have noticed our efforts have created quite a buzz on Facebook, Email, the Virginia Gazette, and Twitter.

      I am totally supportive of your suggestion and would like to meet you soon, are you planning to attend the “Battle of Williamsburg” on June 4th?

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