A Plausible Showing

Posted: November 2, 2014 in US Lacrosse
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The response to “A Lacrosse Story?” has been overwhelming with thousands of views. The article has now been viewed in 47 states, and seven different countries around the world. Unfortunately, we have not had any response from Somalia despite all of our attempts to get that country’s attention. To read the latest updates click here to read “A Lacrosse Story?”

We have received a lot of feedback on the article which has been overwhelmingly positive; however, in the interest of fairness we are aware of some negative feedback which seems to be largely centered around the publishing of the article and not the content. We certainly will make every effort to ensure that everything that we publish is 100% factual in this case and at least one other that we will be reporting on soon.

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Already read the article, skip to the updates

Already read the article, skip to the updates

We have received a number of responses for a printable version of the article and have now included a download link for those of you wishing to print a copy of the article.

swanenburg, legal. lawsuits

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