US Lacrosse Risk Management Manual

Posted: February 10, 2013 in HRLax, US Lacrosse
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Mark MorenoHere we grow again! The Spring 2013 season is here and youth and high school lacrosse programs are no doubt heading off into the season a feverish pace. For the coaches, volunteers, players, and supporters this is an awesome time of the year.  For the directors and officers of the teams and the leagues this is the most important time of the year when it comes to ensuring that all of the proper safeguards are in place to protect you, the coaches, and most importantly the players.

It has been my experience and the opinion of others that team officers, directors, and committee chairs spend far too much time and energy focused on fundraising and not enough time on corporate governance. There is little doubt that for many lacrosse clubs that fundraising is an important issue but it should not take the place of protecting the welfare of the players.

In my opinion as well as many others, protecting the welfare of the players is your most important job as a director or officer of a youth athletic organization. The position carries a great deal of responsibility and depending solely on your league just isn’t enough, every member of your organization should be fluent and vigilant in protecting the players. There are just far to many issues to contend with to ignore and probably some of the most important issues are obvious, injury prevention, proper hydration, and concussion awareness. Others are not as obvious, prevention of abuse, physical, sexual, verbal, and emotional  are just as important and your team/league needs to have a policy to deal with those issues. It is my suggestion that you adopt and implement the policies and guidelines offered by US Lacrosse. It is also my suggestion that you purchase Director and Officer Insurance from Bollinger as well as understanding the mandatory reporting statutes and laws in your area. Maybe it’s time to turn one of those committee chairs into the safety chair, it’s also may be time to have a preseason meeting with all of your parents to keep them informed on the steps that you are taking to protect the welfare of the players.

Division I lacrosse game between the Universit...

Division I lacrosse game between the University of Denver Pioneers and the Maryland Terrapins (at Maryland)

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