HCPS Gives Conditional Approval for VHSL Lacrosse

Posted: February 2, 2013 in US Lacrosse
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HCPS Gives Conditional Approval for VHSL Lacrosse

by Bill Karn posted 01/31/2013
Blackhawk Nation –

I attended the school board’s budget review session tonight and left with good news.  The school board committed to approving lacrosse for the spring 2014 season provided certain details can be worked out.  Procedurally, this was not an official yes vote, but the chair of the school board did say on the record that we could let the lacrosse community know VHSL lacrosse is a go for the 2013-2014 school year.  Hopefully, the details can be worked out soon and we can celebrate an official yes.  For now, though, this is the most positive statement we’ve gotten from the school board to date, and that’s certainly progress.

Bill Karn

by Bill Karn posted 02/01/2013
Blackhawk Nation –

For those of you rightfully concerned about the budgetary constraints faced by our school board, I wanted to clarify that the move to VHSL lacrosse tentatively approved by the school board will have no impact on the County school budget.  The cost of the lacrosse programs will be paid through a mix of player fees, gate receipts, booster and team fundraising, and donations from the community, including Blackhawk Lacrosse.  The school board would not have considered the move otherwise, and they deserve credit for exploring new ways to deliver meaningful extra-curricular opportunities to our kids without impacting the budget. 

While we here at Blackhawk Lacrosse are passionate about this move to VHSL lacrosse, we are also mindful of the economic climate and the importance of our fine schools, particularly the excellent teachers that make those schools what they are.  We would not have pursued this move were it to come at the expense of academic programs.

Bill Karn

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