Williamsburg, Northern Yorktown and Gloucester Boys High School expansion info

Posted: July 26, 2011 in HRLax
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Williamsburg, Northern Yorktown and Gloucester Boys High School expansion info


HRLAX is working to expand the Boys High School lacrosse program in support of the growing interest in the sport for the Williamsburg, Northern Yorktown and Gloucester areas.  If you are interested in playing the fastest growing game in the nation, and competing on a higher level, please contact HRLAX.


Our goal is to start TWO new teams – one representing all public schools in Williamsburg and one representing Northern Yorktown and Gloucester.


HRLax is seeking players, coaches, and fans.  Act now to make this idea become a reality!!


Step 1 – After reading this entire page, please indicate your interest by signing up on the “player interest” section (under the “registration” tab) on www.hrlax.com.  This is FREE and only indicates your interest in being a part of the return of public high school lacrosse to the northern end of the peninsula.


Step 2 – Email your interest, offer your talent, and ask any questions to the following people:

            Rich Blovad, HRLax Director of Boys Lacrosse @ laxdog190@aol.com

            Mark Hofmeister, initial coordination volunteer @ mdhof@verizon.net or 757-876-5222


            Rich is the HRLax Director of Boys Lacrosse and charged with governance and oversight of all boys programs for the Chapter.  He’s a current youth coach, former Princess Anne HS coach, and University of Maryland player.

            Mark stepped up and offered to help the initial organizational effort.  He is aWilliamsburg resident, successful local lacrosse coach with experience in developing HS players to move to the collegiate level, including three of his sons.


Step 3 – Get involved, get organized and recruit your friends and neighbors.  HRLax will provide support to these new teams, but it is up to YOUthe parents and the players, to get organized and spread the word.  Team organization, booster leadership, and coaching are the responsibility of the team booster organization(s)…so raise your hand, step up, and offer to help grow the “fastest sport on two feet”.



1) Can anyone play on these new teams?

A:  Yes – as long as you meet the following guidelines:

            a) You reside within the designated area or zone for the team.

            b) You meet one of the following:

1)  Enrolled in a Public High School

2)  Home-schooled with birthday between 1/1/1993 and 12/31/1997

3)  Enrolled in a private High school that does not have a lacrosse team


2) Will there be a team for each High School in Williamsburg, Yorktown and Gloucester?

A:  No – HRLax will initially support multi-HS teams representing local high schools.  In future years, as interest increases and player numbers rise, teams may be split to represent individual high schools.


3) Can I choose which team I want to join?

A:  No – All players are assigned by HRLax based on their home of record/address.  Each player will be assigned to the closest HS team.


4) How many teams are planned?

A:  This will be determined by player/parent interest.  Initially a single composite team would be formed based on player interest.  If enough player/parent interest exists, AND ONLY IF, two teams would be formed with players assigned based on home of record.


5) Are these “travel teams” or “coach-recruited” teams?

A:  No – these teams will be created and players assigned in accordance with HRLax policy and guidelines as applied to the entire league.  These are high school teams, comprised of HS players living in the same, pre-determined, geography (as determined by HRLax Executive leadership).


6) Who is coaching the team(s)?

A:  Coaching/staff decisions have not been determined.  Coaching decisions will be made through a collaboration of the team’s booster organization and the HRLax Director of Boys Lacrosse.  If you are interested, please write Rich and Mark (emails above).


7) What are the costs?

A:  Registration fees will be established in the fall, and are the same for ALL HRLax boys players.  Additional team fees for specific team needs (i.e. uniforms) are determined by each team/booster organization(s).

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